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1966 - 3rd World Open Trampoline Championships, Lafayette

- Trampoline History -

Jeff Hennessy, Director of this year's Championship made sure 
that the visiting competitors and their coaches were treated to 
both traditional Southern Hospitality as well as a great competition!

The 3rd World Trampoline Championships 
The 2nd World Tumbling Championships

April 29-30, 1966

Louisiana Southwest University

Lafayette, Louisiana 

During the past year, the F.I.T. Technical Committee had been hard at work 
establishing rules for the World Championship event.

1966 World Champions - Wayne Miller (USA) & Judy Wills (USA)
(Along with their winning routines)
Newt Loken Provides Color Commentary...
(Newt Loken, University of Michigan Men's Gymnastic
 Coach sent in the following story which was printed
 in the June/July 1966 issue of Modern Gymnast.)

"Going into finals Wayne Miller won and David Jacobs was a close second - - this after their two routines on Friday; required and optional. Wayne had 27.95 and Dave 27.85, based on about 9.5 on required and 9.6 on optionals with about 8.8 difficulty ratings. Then we had drama. 

"All the bouncers went through their routines - - 8 countries - - with the last two up being Dave and Wayne. Dave landed slightly back on his triple back start and then hit a low and hurried Rudie-fliffis which left him low and off balance. About all he could do was a simple back flip and then another easy stunt to build up height and from there it was simply ad-libing his way through the remainder of his routine. He scored way down and finished fifth. 

"Wayne hit his routine and walked off with the crown. As you recall, two years ago he was 4th and last year 3rd in the World Meet, so we are all very happy for him. In his home town on top of it! The crowd really gave him a fine ovation."

Video of trampoline, tumbling and awards ceremony.
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Men's Trampoline Results

  1. Wayne Miller, United States - 46.70
  2. Spenser Wiggins, South Africa - 43.80
  3. Michael Budenburg, West Germany - 43.70
  4. Ian McNaughton, South Africa - 43.55
  5. David Jacobs, United States - 42.70
  6. Billy Popiwenko, Australia - 40.20
  7. Dieter Schultz, West Germany - 40.05
  8. Rick Kinsman, Canada - 39.60
Women's Trampoline Results
  1. Judy Wills, United States - 43.15
  2. Nancy Smith, United States - 42.10
  3. Sue Warns, South Africa - 39.65
  4. Lynda Ball, United Kingdom - 39.55
  5. Helga Flohl, West Germany - 38.90
  6. Maria Jarosch, West Germany - 38.15
  7. Chariott Parietz, South Africa - 37.50
  8. Wendy Coulton, United Kingdom - 37.45

Men's Synchro Results                                                             Women's Synchro Results
1. Wayne Miller - David Jacobs, USA - 15.10                             1. Judy Wills - Nancy Smith, USA - 14.90
2. Ian McNaughton - Spenser Wiggins, SA - 13.45                     2. Helga Flohl - Maria Jarosch, WG - 13.05
3. Dieter Schultz - Michael Budenburg, WG - 12.75                    3. Chariott Parietz - Sue Warns, SA - 12.40
4. Rick Kinsman - Wayne King, Can. - 12.05                              4. Wendy Coulton - Lynda Ball, UK - 12.00
5. Clive Brigden - David Curtis, UK - 11.95
Men's Tumbling Results                                                           Women's Tumbling Results
1. Frank Fortier, USA - 8.55                                                       1. Judy Wills, USA - 8.85
2. David Jacobs, USA - 8.40                                                      2. Donna Schaenzer, USA - 8.45
3. Richards Wadsworth, USA - 7.85                                         3. Susan McDowell, SA - 7.60
4. Bill Bottrof, USA - 7.85                                                           4. Paula Crist, USA - 7.35
5. Rick Kinsman, Can - 7.75                                                      5. Irene Hawroth, Can. - 6.40
                                                                                                    6. Lilly Strekfus, USA - 6.15
                                                                                                    7. Joey Indovena, USA - 5.65    

 The Trials & Tribulations of a Meet Director...

During last year's 2nd World Championship in London, Competition Director Ted Blake faced the unexpected challenge of coordinating the entire event on the very same day as Winston Churchill's funeral. 

At this year's Championship, Jeff Hennessy faced sudden challenges as well. The following newspaper article, "Charlie's Corner," by Charles Lenox, was printed in the Lafayette Adverstiser, April 1, 1966. 

"Things seemed real rosy when Southwestern and Lafayette landed the meet as it seemed that a rich television pact went along with it and there would be no worry about funds. But then the catch came - - the networks didn't have the time for the World Trampoline Championships and therefore didn't shell out the needed money.

   "But things were not all gloomy as a national cola company got into the act and said they would help defray the expenses of bringing in foreign athletes. But things didn't go better with..."___".  It seems that the cola company wanted to make the presentation in the foreign countries and didn't care about publicity in the United States.

   "Then one of the world airline companies jumped in and said they would fly some of the athletes in. Then they found out that the athletes would not be able to come into Lafayette on the company's own planes. The company feared they might lose the publicity angle if the the athletes didn't arrive on the major company's planes.

   "So the sports and recreation committee of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce had to guarantee that they would collect $2,800 from people and clubs in Lafayette...and make enough on admissions to offset expenses..."

The people and clubs of Lafayette must have taken up
 challenge and rallied for Jeff Hennessy's cause - - 
as the event came off as planned.
For the trampolinists, tumblers, coaches and 
audience all enjoyed an impressive display of
 international talent! 

Thank you Jeff Hennessy for staging the first world
trampoline - tumbling championship held in the
United States...an outstanding feat!

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