Friday, May 16, 2014

1967 - 4th World Trampoline Championships, London

- Trampoline History -

The 4th World Championships returned to Great Britain under the veteran leadership
of Meet Director Ted Blake.

NOTE: The wealth of photos that are included as well as Ted's Blake's enthusiastic descriptions 
make it worth your time to read through the competition program posted below!

Marijke van den Bogaard - South Africa


June 17, 1967

The National Recreation Centre
Crystal Palace
London, England

Watch David Jacobs performing the winning routine:

Having trouble viewing the video? Use this link for YouTube.

National Recreation Centre - Crystal Palace.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Hennessy and David Jacobs

L-R: Kurt Treiter, David Curtis, David Jacobs
Michael Williams, Hartmut Reihle


The final page: 
From "Trampolining for All Ages," by Ted Blake. 
(Published by Educational Productions)

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