Saturday, December 21, 2013

1964 - 1st World Professional Trampoline & Diving Championships, Grossinger's Resort

- Trampoline History -

In June of 1964, just three months after the successful First World Trampoline Championships were held in London, the Nissen Corpration partnered with Grossinger's Hotel & Resort and
 A.B.C. Sports to stage the first ever: 
World's Professional Trampoline and Diving Championships. 

   As a young teen I remember sitting poolside at Grossinger's watching the competition. Who'd guess that forty-nine years later I'd be blogging and posting videos of that unique great event! 
(As well as, married to one of the competitors - - Ron Munn!)

Just a few months later, the movie short "On the Bounce," thrilled audiences nationwide and helped inspire a whole new generation of future trampolinists.  
"On the Bounce," was narrated by the famous sportscaster Chris Schenkel.  

View "On the Bounce" here: 

Having trouble viewing this video?  Use this link to YouTube.

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