Thursday, January 9, 2014

1964 - "The Miller"

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     Some time during1963-64, Wayne Miller, a young and talented trampolinist from Louisiana, with the outstanding coaching of Jeff Hennessy, was the first person to successfully perform a triple twisting double backward somersault on the trampoline. Since he was the first, it became known as "The Miller."

     Over the years we've seen numerous videos of athletes performing "The Miller," but unfortunately, no videos exist of Wayne Miller performing it himself. 

     While first performing the skill, Wayne's coach Jeff Hennessy did film it with a 16-mm camera, and sent the footage to Jess Robinson for his column in the Modern Gymnast magazine. The sequence of frames from that original film were published in the 1964, July/August issue.

     With the help of current advanced technology, we now have a video with the photos spliced together from the original printed sequence to show Wayne Miller performing "The Miller!" 

Click video below:

If you have trouble viewing this video use this direct link to YouTube

     Congratulations to both Wayne and Jeff for their contribution to the advancement of trampoline skills. 

LINK here to read Jeff Hennessy's post in Trampoline Pundit about "The Miller." (October 31, 2012)

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