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1964 - The International Federation of Trampoline (F.I.T.) is Established

The FIT logo was originally designed by
Newton Elberson, Lafayette, LA.
- Trampoline History -

Following a successful First World Trampoline Championships, George Nissen and 
Ted Blake organized a meeting  to discuss the future of trampolining in the world.

The announcement in the competition brochure read: 

“The time has come to consider an International Federation of Trampolining and a meeting on Sunday morning, after the Championships has been arranged at St. Mary’s College, Twickenham, Middlesex, to discuss this."

At the March 22nd meeting several important resolutions were passed:

A. That an International Federation of Trampolining be established.

B. That each country send a representative to a second meeting, to be held Wednesday, July 29, at 10 A.M. at Frankfurt (Main) Deutsche Turnschule, that will continue the formation of the International Federation of Trampoline.

C.  That a world championship be held every year.

D.   Finally, election of temporary officers, (that were formally elected at the July meeting):
                    President                             Rene Schaerer, Switzerland
                    Vice-President                   Ted Blake, Great Britain
                    General Secretary             Erich Kinzel, West Germany
                   Treasurer                             Richard Vereecken, Belgium

On behalf of the new organization, F.I.T. President Rene Schaerer, and General Secretary Eric Kinzel placed a welcome letter in the brochure of the Second World Trampoline Championships, held in London on January 30, 1965.

Under the expert guidance of the F.I.T., the World Trampoline Championships continued their success and growth.

At the 1965 championships, the events of tumbling and synchronized trampoline were permanently added to the program. 

Full history of: 1964 - 2013 World Trampoline Championship results.

Ron Froelich

“In the years that followed, the discipline grew rapidly. In 1988, it received recognition of the International Olympic Committee, a crucial first step towards final consecration, its official inclusion in the programme of the Olympic Games. To achieve this objective, the FIT in 1998, was integrated within the structure of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and finally, in 2000, achieved its Olympic dream in Sydney (AUS), under President Ron Froehlich (USA).”   
(From: 3/7/2014)

A trampolinist performs high above the judges at the
2000 Olympics in Sydney. (Getty Images)


We look forward to the 
2014 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships 
hosted by USAGymnastics, Nov. 7-9; in Daytona Beach, Florida.

1964 to 2014 
Happy 50th Birthday to World Trampolining!



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