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1967 - 2nd World Professional Trampoline Championships, Addison, Illinois

As part of a Nissen Corporation promotion, the second World Professional Trampoline Championship was held at Addison Trail High School, Addison (Chicago), Illinois, on Saturday, February 4, 1967. (Note: a miss-print on the program lists the date as 1-28-67)

Returning to defend his crown was George Hery, winner of the 1st World Professional TrampolineChampionships (1964), Grossinger’s Resort, New York. Rounding out the competitors at this year's event were: Ed Cole, Gary Erwin, John Hamilton, Ron Munn, Fred Saunders, Brent Williams and Pat Winkle. 
Gary Erwin, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jr. National AAU Champion - 1961, Midwest Open Champion - 1961,62,63 & 64,
Big Ten Co-Champion - 1964, Big Ten Champion - 1965, NCAA Champion - 1963,
World Amateur Runnerup - 1964, World Amateur Champion - 1965,
1965 World Pro Trampoline Ranking - 4
George Hery, Framingham, Massachusetts
1964 World Professional Trampoline Champion
Brent Williams, Carbondale, Illinois
Member of the 1966 NCAA Championship Men's
Gymnastics Team, Southern Illinois University

John Hamilton, Louisville, Kentucky
SW AAU Trampoline Champion - 1959,
Big Ten Trampoline Co-Champion - 1964,
NCAA Trampoline Runnerup - 1964,
1965 World Pro Trampoline Ranking - 8 

Ron Munn, Amarillo, Texas
National AAU Champion - 1956 & 1959,
Pan American Games Champion - 1959,
Midwest Open Champion - 1959,
1965 World Pro Trampoline Ranking - 3

Pat Winkle, London, England
British Amateur Trampoline Champion - 1960,
1965 World Pro Trampoline Ranking - 7
Fred Saunders, Tucson, Arizona
Big Ten Champion - 1963, NCAA Runnerup - 1963,
Big Ten Runnerup - 1965, World Pro Ranking - 6

Ed Cole, Evanston, Illinois
Big Ten Champion - 1967, 68,  69, NCAA Champion - 1959,
World Professional Diving Champion - 1965,
Eight Appearances on CBS Sports Spectacular,
1965 World Pro Trampoline Ranking - 5

Sponsored jointly by the Illinois Gymnastics Coaches Association and the Nissen Corporation, the meet featured match competition in the form of a double elimination tournament. The athletes competed in pairs, performing an optional routine, no score or mark was assigned and the judges decided which of the two performers presented the better overall routine.

Mid-way through the competition Doris Fuchs Brause, (1964 USA Olympic team member) performed a demonstration routine on the uneven parallel bars. At the Dortmund World Games held in 1966, Doris had been the center of controversy as her uneven parallel bar routine was so flawless the crowd disagreed with the judge’s final score and held up the meet for an hour with catcalls.

In addition, the capacity crowd of 3,500 was treated to a Spaceball competition pitting the USA against Great Britain.

George Nissen, President of the Nissen Corporation congratulated the event winners: First place - Gary Erwin, second place - George Hery, third place - Ron Munn and fourth place - John Hamilton.
George Nissen and the winners of the 1967 Professional Trampoline Championships
L-R: Gary Erwin, George Hery, Ron Munn, John Hamilton. 

This 20-minute film was commissioned by the Nissen Corporation and used to help promote the sports of gymnastics and trampoline world-wide. Note to viewers: the film’s narrator is Bob Brooks, long-time sports reporter for KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who with the assistance of George Hery and Gary Erwin added a comedy interview bit to their final routines. (Found at the 15.35 mark)

NOTICE: Due to technical issues with the original film 
you will need to increase the volume on your viewing device
Trouble viewing the video? Use this link for YouTube

George Hery and Doris Fuchs Brause preview the final film at the Nissen Corporation. (1967)

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